Weight loss, stabilization, maintenance.

Reset BODY. Reset MIND. Reset POSSIBLE
with the 3-Phase Ideal Protein Protocol.

How it Works

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol addresses weight issues at their source; reducing carbohydrates and fats while ensuring adequate daily protein intake. In other words, the goal is to lose fat, not muscle. While on the Protocol, through personalized coaching, you’re also provided with healthier lifestyle education so that you are empowered to sustain your weight loss results over your life course.
What we Do
  • Free info session to help decide if this protocol is well fitted personally and medically for the patient.
  • Personal one on one coaching throughout the entire weight loss portion and maintenance.
  • Scientific Body Composition Analysis readings with the coach throughout the whole protocol to ensure patient safety.

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About Our Consultation Service

Two easy steps to getting started towards reaching your weight goal.


  • STEP ONE: Call us to book an over-the-phone information session.  This should give clarity if going forward is the safe and correct decision for the patient.

  • STEP TWO: Attend an in-person meeting. We’ll complete your health file with the guidance of the pharmacist and the leadership of the Ideal Protein coach.

Obtaining all the information for both the patient and the coach before getting started is the key for success. 
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After three months, I’ve almost reached my goal weight after having lost almost 20 lbs! In the past, I’ve only been moderately successful at weight loss having tried many other systems. But this system works! I’ve not only lost the weight, but I feel energetic and healthy with previous symptoms of chronic heartburn having almost completely disappeared. I contribute my success to the combination of the easy-to-do Ideal Protein protocol and to the one-on-one counseling sessions with Annie whose friendly, compassionate and encouraging support inspires me. My spirit is lifted each time I go visit this wonderful person and I leave feeling encouraged and supported. So not only do I highly recommend the Ideal Protein system, but I also strongly encourage you to go see Annie at the Medicine Shoppe in Penticton. 

Rona Clancy-Brewin

I couldn’t be happier with the results this program had given me so far. It is really easy to follow, you have access to a lot of resources and a detailed tracker. Plus, you feel like you’re getting a treat with the delicious snacks. I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I can make delicious meals at home and I can still eat out at restaurants with my favourite protein and veggies.

What makes this program stand out from others is the incredible support I get from Annie on a weekly basis. From our first one-on-one consolation where she walked me through everything so thoroughly, to the weekly in person check-ins. And she is always a message away if I ever have a question. Her encouragement and positive spirit is extremely motivating. If I was struggling one week, she didn’t judge me, she continued to say how well I was doing. She would show me how far I’ve come (the numbers don’t lie) and inspired me to keep going. I know that the success of my journey so far is a combination of my determination, the program and the continued support and encouragement from Annie!

Siann Pugh

Ideal protein and Annie saved me. I started the program at the lowest point of my life. I weighed the heaviest I had ever been and just kept going the wrong way, no matter how hard I tried. I was going through some heavy stuff as my marriage was falling apart at the time. Then one of my coworkers spoke to me about the program and how amazingly positive Annie was in supporting her. She was down 45lbs at the time and looked amazing. That was the point I knew I had to do something. So I took the plunge and committed to the program. I had been in other programs before and lost 20-40lbs here and there, but always gained it back and then some after getting bored after a month or so. This was different, the food tastes amazing (the bars are like candy, which is my downfall so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything), and the support provided is exactly what is needed. I am happy to say that I am down 90lbs and am motivated to keep it off. I am off all my medication, feel amazing and am so happy that

I can look at myself and not judge. I actually pose for pictures now, instead of hiding behind the camera. I have to say thank you to Annie as she was/is so supportive. If you have a slip up, she doesn’t judge she just gives you the support you need to keep going. I can honestly say that the program gave me my life back. I needed something positive to focus on and when I saw the scale go down 2-4lbs a week (without exercise) that was just what I needed to keep going. And believe me when I say, if I can do this, anyone can!!! I am still a work in progress, but will always be so grateful to the program and especially to Annie for making me believe that I could achieve my goal. And once I achieved it, for helping me maintain my weight. So a huge THANK YOU to Annie and the program. Now, here is to keeping it off.  So again, I thank you!!!

Lori Juch


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